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Now we're talking class. Our variety of fused glass vases screams wow! colorful, unique, different.  Buy one of your own today.
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Our Fused glass vases:

My oh, my! feast your eyes on one of these fused glasses vases. We're talking home decor at it finest. What a conversation starter, it's one of those things when someone walks into your home or office and sees one of our classy fused glass vases, they just have to ask, Where did you get that? Our fused glass vases come in many shapes, sizes and colors, weaved into some are sceneries of flowers, or animals, don't see many of this kind of fused glass vases every day, even our plain ones are classy. Go ahead scroll down and look at each and every one, one will certainly stand out for you. warning! more than one may stand out, with this kind of class and beauty, how can they not? Buy one for the lady in your life, your Mother, a friend, your boss, all will just love them. We have some that will certainly  appeal to the men in your life to ladies. These beauties make the ultimate gift. Buy a fused glass vase today, this is the one gift that keeps on giving. Psst, don't forget that other special someone in your life. Buy fused glass vases for yourself, why not? you deserve it.